Sven Kube

Historian of Culture, Business, and Technology

Recent Publications and Presentations

My work

My research taps previously unavailable source material to present a new angle on popular music in Cold War cultural competition.

I have presented my findings to a variety of academic audiences that ranges from the American Musicological Society to the Business History Conference. Funding for this work was provided through fellowships from Germany’s Dresdner Bank, the Government of Canada, and the National Endowment for the Humanities in the United States. 

i am currently a Research Fellow at Hagley Museum and Library 

My Portfolio

I have built a portfolio of lower- and upper-division courses in American, European, and World History that reflect my interdisciplinary background and multifaceted outlook.

My first book project is currently underway, “Born in the U.S.A. / Made in the G.D.R.: How Western Popular Music Shaped a Communist Record Market.”

Invited Talks and Presentations
Fellowships and Grants
Unique Courses Taught

These are some of the courses I have Created and taught as instructor of record

My Courses

Whether you are taking my class in person or online, you’ll find yourself in a collaborative learning community. 

As a European immigrant living in the United States, I teach with a global outlook. 

I believe that sharing experiences rooted in identity and biography drive the most meaningful learning processes, students can expect to find a discussion-centered and student-focused course no matter the topic.

American Pop Culture in the World

AMH 4930 / EUH 4286

Western Civilization: Europe in the Modern Era

EUH 2030

America in the Sixties

AMH 4273

American History through Film

(Senior Capstone)

HIS 4935

European History since 1945

EUH 3282

Modern American Civilization

AMH 2042

Currently located in Miami, FL

Sven Kube